Should I Drive Myself to the Airport

When you’re traveling, there is a lot that goes through your mind. Not only do have worry about getting yourself where want to go, but also what you will leave behind–namely if leaving your car at the airport or not? In this article, the author shares tips for those who may be considering this type decision-making process when taking their vehicles to airports near them versus opting to go with taxi, Limo, or shuttle services.

If I were planning an upcoming trip by air transprt then perhaps one question looming over me would definitely include ‘is it better wasting time better spent worrying? Or is it better that a hire a service and let the professionals do the driving.

Whether or not you should leave your car at the airport while traveling is a question many people ask. But, there may be more problems with this than meets first glance- and it could even bring about issues during travel plans! So why bother doing something that’s potentially going to cause a hassle for both yourself AND other travelers?

The answer lies in two words: convenience factor & cost savings . If we’re talking strictly purely financial terms then perhaps leaving your private vehicle on parking lot property will save you enough money for an entire weeklong vacation simply by renting one space. Of course these things aren’t mutually exclusive.

When you park your car in an airport parking garage, it might seem like a cheap and easy way to save money. But there are often some surprising fees that could end up costing more than the initial price of admission! “With daily rates topping out at almost $60/day for long term spots (and less during shorter periods), those who travel both short-term or indefinitely may want to avoid these additional expenses altogether by finding alternate solutions when traveling abroad.”

It seems that parking your car at the airport is your easiest option. But, those who may have used airport parking in the past know this isn’t always the case. Sure, it’s good to know that your vehicle is right at your use when you get off your returning flight. However, getting to your car may not be the experience you imagine. Many airport parking garages and lots are enormous structures. And, while some offer valet services at additional rates, if you don’t opt for valet, you might have to walk a great distance to where you found a parking space. Not to mention, if you forget where you parked on your initial trip to the airport; no doubt sparking frustration and anxiety that you don’t need during your travels.

Also realize that Airport parking is not always covered, which means that your car may be exposed to elements potentially harmful. The sun can damage the exterior and aesthetic aspects of a vehicle while hail or ice also pose potential problems for drivers who want their vehicles in pristine condition when they return home after an exhausting trip abroad!

Airport Parking Lots aren’t the safest place to leave your car. While you may think that an airport’s parking lot would be secure, there are several reasons why this isn’t always true—especially if they lack security cameras or other ways for them check on potential intruders like thieves who might target vehicles left unattended.

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