Give your home a scent makeover

Now 100% natural diffused essential oil can flow directly through the vents in your whole home


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Zephyr Fresh - Whole Home HVAC Essential Oil Diffuser

Give your home a scent makeover

Now 100% natural diffused essential oil can flow directly through the HVAC vents in your whole home

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Zephyr Fresh - Whole Home HVAC Essential Oil Diffuser

I love the peace of mind that comes with knowing the essential oils are all natural. I love my Zephyr!


How Zephyr Works

Installing a Zephyr is simple and we are here to help every step of the way.

Get started risk free

Get started risk free

People Love Zephyr

My Zephyr provides a fresh experience every time i walk into my home. Honestly, it improves my quality of life. I don’t want to live without it! 💖


I love coming home to a clean-smelling home and Zephyr makes it so easy.  


We live in an old house that smelled funky since we bought it, but now it smells great! And the subscription refills are SO convenient.



Your Zephyr startup kit comes with 2 full scent refills and FREE shipping in the US!


Still have questions?

How does the Zephyr work?

The Zephyr is an essential oil diffuser that has a tube coming out the top that feeds directly into your home’s HVAC vents, so the natural essential oil scent fills your whole home.

Just go to where you change your furnace filter, drill a small hole and feed the Zephyr Vent Tube into the hole.

The diffuser will run on a timer you setup on on your phone, so your whole home will always smell fresh.

You can easily do it yourself if you’re a bit handy and you have a power drill (we include the bit and all the parts needed.) Any HVAC tech or handyman can install a Zephyr in less than an hour.

If you don’t want to drill a hole, you can feed the Zephyr Vent Tube into a return-air vent.

Check out our setup resources for more info.

Will it work in my house?

If you have a heating or air conditioning system where air blows out of HVAC vents, Zephyr will work for you.

If you want more info, click the chat icon in the lower right corner or send us a note.

Can you help me figure out where it goes?

For sure! Send us a furnace selfie to

Don’t be shy everyone’s furnace looks kind of nasty.

We’ll mark up the picture and show you exactly what to do!


What if it doesn't work for me?

You can get started risk free.

We will give you a full refund (including shipping) if you return within 30 days, no questions asked!

Can I use my own oil?

Zephyr has lots of custom blends (including simple pure essential oils) to choose from, check out our store.

Our scent refills will last about a month, and you can sing up for our subscription service to receive a new scent every month. With a subscription, refills are only $19.99 monthly.

But if you want to blend your own feel free! Your Zephyr will cold-diffuse any pure essential oil or fragrance oil.

What scents does the startup kit come with?

The free scents that come with our startup kit are scents that we pick because we love them and we think they’re a great place to start! They will change seasonally, and right now we are shipping with some combination of these scents:

  • Deep Lavender
  • Mountain Morning
  • Clean Birch

If you to pick your own, no problem! Just mention which scents you want with your kit in the order notes at checkout, or send an email to!

Will it hurt my furnace?


Installation is easy and will not have any effect on your furnace at all.

HVAC Whole Home Scenting the Smart Way

We officially live in the ‘smart era’. Everything from our cars to our kitchen appliances can be smart, so why not our air fresheners? Well, they can. Let us introduce you to the Zephyr Smart home aromatherapy system.

Zephyr is more than just an air freshener. It is a whole-home diffuser that utilizes essential oils to permeate your home with a clean, fresh smell. With our mobile app controlling the Zephyr is as easy as can be.

Conventional air fresheners force you to freshen the air in one room at a time. If you choose a solid air freshener, you are relying on a gel or wax to slowly dissolve and release chemicals like formaldehyde and harmful phthalates into the air. Why mess with that when you can use our all-natural HVAC whole-home diffuser?

Liquid air fresheners are better than solid, but still not as good as a Zephyr. The lack of control you have over liquid air fresheners often means an overpowering scent in one room but very little in another. You end up purchasing half-a-dozen air fresheners for all of the major rooms in your house, yet the scent is still not consistent.

HVAC Scenting Your Entire Home

The Zephyr Fresh HVAC aromatherapy diffuser does what no solid or liquid air freshener can. It permeates your entire house with a lovely scent by diffusing essential oils through your HVAC system. Every time the heat or air conditioning kicks on, essential oils are carried through the air and dispersed throughout your home.

We provide everything you need for easy installation and operation. Once your Zephyr HVAC essential oil diffuser is up and running, you can sign up for our subscription service to receive a new supply of oil every month. Of course, you can use your own oils as well. The Zephyr unit can cold-diffuse any pure essential oil out there.

Freshening the air in your home no longer means relying on solid or liquid air fresheners over which you have no control. The era of smart home freshening is here with Zephyr.

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Your Home’s Scent Subscription

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