Your Home’s Scent Subscription

With our subscription service, Zephyr is convenient, affordable, and fun.

How does it work?

First, get the Zephyr Starter Kit for just $249. You will get the Home Diffuser that connects to your heating and air conditioning system. The kit comes with 2 scent cartridges to get you started.

When you hook it up, your home will be filled with clean, fresh scents every day, without any effort! 

Then when you sign up for our subscription service, for just $19.99/mo you get a new scent refill cartridge every month–shipping is free. We send you the scent of the month, or you can easily log on to your profile and pick your next scent. Cancel your subscription any time, and there’s no minimum commitment.

When your new scent refill comes in the mail, just pop it into your Zephyr and that’s it! You never have to think about your home’s smell again. 30 days of freshness for just $19.99 (and 2 minutes of effort) every month.

All Zephyr scents are made from 100% natural ingredients, with pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils.

If at any time you get a scent you don’t like, no problem, we’ll give you a refund (we cover shipping both ways) and help you get another scent you’re going to love.

If you don’t want to sign up for the subscription service, no problem! You can just purchase scent refill cartridges as often as you like. Without the subscription, all refills are just $24 with free shipping. Still a great deal!