What Are Essential Oils?

Let’s keep it simple–essential oils are just oil that’s extracted from plants.  That’s it!  They might come from lemons, or flower petals, or even tree saps.  Extraction methods vary but at the end of the day, they’re just oils from plants.  People use them for all sorts of things–for example there might be some in your bath soap.

But at Zephyr we use essential oils to make your house smell great. There are lots of great things about using essential oils to make your house smell good, but the best one is they smell amazing! They’re not made from chemicals so they don’t smell like the sunblock you used in elementary school or like the stuff they use to clean floors in airports.  Essential oils smell like–plants! Trees, leaves, fruit, you know–real stuff that smells real good!

Another benefit of using essential oils to make your house smell good is that they are 100% natural.  Everything in our oil blends comes from plants–no dyes, no cheap chemicals, just plants.  Other air fresheners use harsh chemicals (like formaldehyde!) and weird stuff that is used to make plastic and pesticide. We source only from the most reputable, responsible sources to ensure we deliver the purest, most natural, 100% therapeutic grade oils in our blends.

Sure, you might be thinking, amazing smells and natural ingredients are good, but aren’t essential oils crazy expensive? Not at Zephyr! All of our oils cost exactly the same–$19.99 will freshen your entire home for about a month with our subscription service. Our blends are custom-formulated by our smell-wizards to smell great and not break the bank! All of that, coming right out of your heater vent. What could be better?