How Does This Work?

The Zephyr Home Diffuser is the #SmellMakeover your home needs right now! It’s an essential oil diffuser that hooks directly in to the ventilation system in your home, so 100% natural essential oil will fill your whole home with a fresh and inviting scent. It’s easy to setup and you control it with your smart phone! Now you can get rid of the plug-ins, toxic sprays, wax warmers, and open flames you’re currently using to fight weird smells, and replace them with one simple solution.

The refills come automatically every month with our subscription service, so this is a going to be a piece of cake. The diffuser is a small box (about the size of a small shoe box) with a tube coming out of it. Just run that tube into your ventilation system (we’ll walk you through it), pop in a scent refill cartridge (the kit comes with 2 of them), plug it into power, and boom! The scent revolution has begun! You can connect it to your home wi-fi and set it up with our app so it only comes on when you need it, at just the right level for you and your nose.

Each scent cartridge lasts about a month, and with our subscription service you can receive a new one automatically for only $19.99 per month, shipping is always free! We have plenty of custom blends to choose from–Deep Lavender is our favorite–and they’re all 100% natural made from therapeutic-grade essential oils. This is the good stuff.

Smells amazing, feel amazing! Get your Zephyr today.