You may have noticed that we mention the scent makeover quite frequently. This is a term we have incorporated into our marketing efforts to help people better understand what the Zephyr Fresh smart home aromatherapy diffuser is all about. It is a term that helps people understand that our system is more than just an air freshener.

You can buy all sorts of air fresheners at the grocery store. Some of them have sticky pads so that you can put one on the side of the toilet or underneath one of the kitchen cupboards. Others plug in to electrical outlets. They may or may not utilize essential oils.

All of these options have one thing in common: they only work locally. In other words, they only diffuse your chosen scent in the room where they are located. So to get your house scenting clean and fresh all the way around, you need a separate air freshener in every room. That is no way to accomplish a complete scent makeover.

What is a Scent Makeover?

Before we explain how the Zephyr Fresh whole home air freshener does what individual air fresheners cannot, let us talk about what a scent makeover actually is. Think about it in terms of a personal makeover that can give you an entirely new look with a new hairstyle, some make up, and some new clothes.

A makeover is something that changes your entire image. Whether subtle or radical, a makeover is effective enough that people stand up and take notice. Well, a scent makeover accomplishes the same thing.

For better or worse, certain scents are associated with your home. People who own cats are a good example. They are well known among friends and family members because certain odors permeate their homes. The scent makeover is designed to completely change those odors.

A scent makeover, when done correctly, completely changes what a home scents like. Moreover, it is not confined to a single room. The entire house boasts the new scent – every room on every floor. The kicker is that the scent is a pleasant one that people notice the minute they walk in.

How Do We Do It?

The Zephyr Fresh system accomplishes a complete scent makeover by changing the way you use air fresheners. Instead of buying individual air fresheners for every room in your home, you buy a single Zephyr Fresh unit that attaches to your home’s ventilation system. You can install it near where you change your air filters or inside any air return.

Once installed, simply pop in our 100% natural essential oil Scent Refill Cartridge. Our system is capable of cold diffusing any pure essential oil, so you can use your own oils as well. You can then program your smart home aromatherapy diffuser by downloading our mobile app.

Once programmed, the system will release essential oils on whatever schedule you set. Those oils are diffused throughout the house by way of your HVAC system. The result is a clean, fresh, lovely scent that permeates every room in your home.

Because the system is programmable, you can choose the strength of the scent by determining how frequently the system will diffuse essential oils throughout the day. Unlike plug-in systems and stick-on air fresheners that give you absolutely no control, you get to decide how subtle or strong your scent makeover will be.

And now you know why we talk so much about the scent makeover. Trust us when we say it is a very good thing.