Every home has a scent. You smell it the minute you walk in the door. For good or bad, that scent is involved in forming the first impression you have of a home you are visiting for the first time. It also contributes to your first impressions of those who live there. Knowing all of that, wouldn’t it be nice to have a whole-home air freshener that made your house smell absolutely wonderful every day?

We created the Zephyr Fresh HVAC whole-home diffuser for this very reason. We know full well that every home has a scent. The thing is that we become so used to what our houses smell like that we do not necessarily know whether the scents are good or bad. Part of the reason for the home diffuser is to make sure the words people use to describe our home’s scents are positive words.

Here are three descriptive words we love to hear from our guests (you will love to hear them too):

1. Your Home Smells ‘Clean’

It is interesting how you can tell the difference between a clean home and a dirty home just by sniffing. Dirty homes have particular odors that are just unpleasant to the nose. Moreover, a home that smells dirty is not a home that tends to be particularly inviting. It is a lot better for people to describe a home as smelling clean.

The interesting thing about the clean smell is that it is not necessarily definable. If you work in a hygienically clean environment, like a hospital, a clean smell to you might be disinfectant. But for the rest of us, there is no clear definition. We just know it when we smell it.

2. Your Home Smells ‘Fresh’

‘Fresh’ is another term that is hard to define from an olfactory perspective. We can imagine what a fresh smell might be like just by imagining sniffing the laundry when it comes fresh out of the dryer. It is a smell that is the polar opposite of funky in every respect.

The wonderful thing about installing the Zephyr Fresh whole-home air freshener is that your entire house can have this fresh, right-out-of-the-dryer smell 24 hours a day. From the living room to the kitchen and every bedroom in the house, freshness is just a sniff away.

3. Your Home Smells ‘Lovely’

Finally, one of the most appreciated descriptive terms is ‘lovely’. Like the other two terms, this is hard to define as one specific odor. But that’s where essential oils come in. The Zephyr Fresh system can be used with our subscription-based essential oils, a selection of oils that includes scents like Cedar Mint, Deep Lavender, and Mountain Morning. You can also use your own essential oils as well.

Whatever seems lovely to you is fair game. Our whole-home air freshener can cold diffuse any pure essential oil without damage to your HVAC system.

The Zephyr Fresh Solution

None of us likes to walk into a home that smells dirty or funky. It is just unpleasant. Well, guess what? Guests who visit your home do not like to smell those funky smells either. So what can you do? Install the Zephyr Fresh HVAC whole-home diffuser.

With our device installed in your home, your home’s scent will be clean, fresh, and lovely 24 hours a day. Not only will you enjoy an entirely new atmosphere that will invite you to come on home, but you will also be able to welcome guests with the knowledge that they will love your home’s scent as well.