Perfume-laden air fresheners and aerosol sprays are the go-to option for many people looking to freshen up their homes with a new scent. These products were fine in their day, but their day has long since passed. There is a new way to freshen up your own home and maintain complete control while doing so. That way is the Zephyr Fresh smart home aromatherapy system.

Rather than relying on heavy perfumes and synthetic chemicals, our system utilizes essential oils to completely change the scent of your home. In fact, we like to refer to what our system does as a scent makeover.

Temporary Air Freshening

You could use an aerosol spray as an alternative to plug-in air fresheners. Perhaps those plug-in fresheners are just too strong for your taste. You prefer an aerosol because you can better control the strength of the scent at any point in time. However, there is a drawback here as well.

Aerosol sprays do very well for the first 20 to 30 minutes after being sprayed. After that, they fall flat. They have to. There is only a limited amount of scent in an aerosol spray. It can only go so far before being completely diffused in the air. And when you reach that point of complete diffusion, the scent disappears.

Limited Air Freshener Control

You can take a trip down to the grocery store and purchase a plugin air freshener that utilizes essential oils. You plug the air freshener into any electrical outlet and forget about it. The unit diffuses the oils into the air throughout the day. It works well enough, but you have little control over it.

You do not have a lot of latitude in controlling how strong or weak you want the new scent to be. You have little control over how quickly the air freshener goes through a single tank of oil. You also have very little control as to how the oil within the system is diffused throughout the room.

Oftentimes this leads to a very overpowering scent in the general vicinity of the air freshener. The scent gradually gets less intense the further away you get. This creates a situation in which it, at least for some people, can be physically uncomfortable to be in close proximity to the air freshener.

You can also use those stick-on and pop-up air fresheners that diffuse odor by way of a perfumed gel. But they do not work any better than plug-in air fresheners and aerosol sprays. They provide barely adequate coverage you really cannot control.

Zephyr Fresh is the Solution

The Zephyr Fresh smart home aromatherapy system is the solution to that lack of control. The way our system is designed guarantees whole-house air freshening that you control with a smartphone.

The unit itself attaches to your HVAC system through its ventilation. Right from the start, your new scent is diffused throughout your home every time the HVAC system runs. This makes for a continuous and stable scent throughout your home rather than pockets of strong odors near your air fresheners or where you last sprayed.

Next, you control how strong or subtle you want the scent to be by programming how frequently the Zephyr Fresh whole home diffuser activates. Set it to activate more frequently for a stronger scent. Reduce the activation for a more subtle scent.

Individual air fresheners and aerosol sprays are okay, but the Zephyr Fresh system is better. It gives you total control over how your house scents from top to bottom.