What would you say if we told you that you could create positive memories just by choosing the right air freshener for your home? Well, you can. Based on what we know about how scents contribute to forming memories, it is reasonable to say that certain odors that strike a chord among family members and friends may contribute to the future memories they have of your home.

Have you ever had the experience of smelling mothballs? If so, they may remind you of your grandparents. That’s because mothballs were pretty popular as both disinfectants and pesticides back in the 1960s and 70s. Many of us now in middle age remember smelling mothballs on every visit to grandma’s house.

The Science of Smell

Science suggests that the sense of smell may contribute to memory formation more than any of the other senses. Perhaps this is because of how the olfactory system works. When you smell something, a signal is sent along the olfactory nerve directly to the brain where it can be interpreted. All of this takes place in what is known as the limbic system.

It has been speculated that the limbic system is very influential to mood, emotion, behavior, and memory. Most mammals have advanced limbic systems, which explains why so many animals rely so much on scent to do what they do.

This also explains why real estate agents recommend baking apple pies or chocolate chip cookies just before a house showing. It explains why memories of grandparents are often triggered by things like mothballs. It is why the smell of cotton candy reminds some people of the circus while a camp fire triggers happy memories of past family vacations.

A Fresh Smelling Home Automatically

We want people visiting your home to smell something good. We want those smells to contribute to positive memories. That is one of the reasons we developed the Zephyr HVAC aromatherapy diffuser. This is a smart home aromatherapy system that connects to your smart phone for easy control.

After you download and install the Zephyr Fresh app, you can program exactly when your system will release essential oils through the HVAC system. Spread out the times if you prefer a more subtle air freshener. Add more times throughout the day if you are looking for a stronger scent.

The beautiful thing is that it is all done automatically. Once your system is programmed, you can sign up for our subscription service so you always have a refill ready just when you need it. Having a fresh smelling home has never been easier.

Choose Your Favorite Essential Oils

You can create wonderful memories in your home with a Zephyr Fresh HVAC aromatherapy diffuser and a nice selection of essential oils. Our system can cold diffuse any pure essential oil, so there really are no limits.

If you are content with just a single scent, that’s great—your home will always reliably smell just how you like it. That is what family members will remember when they think about visits to your home. On the other hand, do not be afraid to change your scent from time to time. Perhaps our Clean Birch can be your primary sent for most of the year, while you switch to Holiday Tree during the annual holiday season.

Science has proven that smell and memory are closely associated. So why not make the memories made in your house good ones with clean and fresh scents that will be remembered for a lifetime? Combining a pleasant scent with all of the love and joy you have to offer will help create lasting memories that will warm the hearts of your loved ones for years to come.