Have you ever gone into a building that hasn’t been used for months and smelled that dank, musty smell? There is a reason behind it. Any structure that remains closed up for an extended amount of time begins to develop unpleasant odors because air inside is neither circulating nor ventilating. Solve those two problems and the unpleasant odors go away.

Circulation and ventilation are the top two secrets to maintaining fresh air inside any structure. We relied on both principles when we designed the Zephyr smart home aroma diffuser. By harnessing the power circulation and ventilation, the Zephyr device will outperform any scented candle, plugin, spray, or even other oil diffusers.

Basic Principles of Forced Air

Most  homes in America are fitted with forced air heat and air-conditioning systems. There are some gravity systems and radiant floor heating, but most homes feature forced air. A forced air system consists of a furnace, air conditioner (where applicable), ductwork, and a blower system.

We can explain how all of this works by talking about forced air heat. When your furnace goes on in the dead of winter, the internal heating element quickly heats up to a specific temperature. After a few seconds, the blower turns on. What happens next is almost like magic.

The blower system starts to circulate air throughout your home. This draws cool air into the furnace, over the heating element, and out into the ductwork. That warm air flows through the ducts and is dispersed throughout the various rooms in your home. And because warm air rises, it forces cool air downward. That cooler air flows into the cold air returns located near the floor, through the ductwork, and back to the furnace. Then the whole process repeats.

Central A/C works the same way but in reverse. It spits out cool air which causes warm air to rise so that it can be forced to return back to the unit via the ductwork and get cooled.

Circulation and Ventilation

As you can see from this explanation, circulation is achieved every time the blower in your HVAC system runs. But what about ventilation? It occurs through a built-in ventilation system within the HVAC unit itself. Ventilation guarantees that the air in your home is completely changed on a regular basis. This is done because we humans need fresh air in order to maintain good health.

Circulating Essential Oils

The Zephyr Fresh smart home scent machine works as well as it does because it diffuses essential oils directly into your HVAC ductwork. So as air is circulating through the system, it carries the essential oils with it. The principle works whether you are running your furnace or air conditioner.

As far as ventilation is concerned, bringing fresh air into the home makes it easier for the Zephyr Fresh to do what it does. Fresh air coming in from outside means the Zephyr Fresh system has to fight less against foul odors with every cycle. More of the essential oil goes to creating a lovely scent.

The top two secrets to fresh air in any structure are circulation and ventilation. Without both, neither a furnace nor air-conditioning unit would get the job done. Both kinds of units require circulating air to work properly. And to achieve maximum performance, ventilation must change out the air multiple times per day.

Who knew fresh air was so complicated? We did, which is why we designed the Zephyr Fresh to be a whole house scent diffuser.