What is an air freshener? We have all grown up with aerosol sprays and gel or wax air fresheners purchased off the grocery store shelf. What we don’t get is why there’s so much confusion over the difference between an air freshener and a diffuser. Perhaps it’s just because the word ‘diffuser’ is not one we hear too often.

The Zephyr Fresh HVAC system is not an air freshener, it’s a diffuser. What’s the difference? Why does it matter? Let us help!

What is a Diffuser?

The dictionary definition of diffuse is “to pour out and permit or cause to spread freely” or to “extend or scatter.” In other words, diffusing something is to spread it out over a wide area. The wider the area, the more effective the diffusion. Now, let’s see why this definition does not apply to traditional air fresheners.

An aerosol air freshener certainly spreads out when you push the button on the can or pull the trigger on the squeeze bottle. Still, the area of coverage is limited. Spray a little aerosol in your living room and that’s about the only place you’ll smell it. You will not smell it in the kitchen, in the dining room, or upstairs in the bedrooms. Thus, you haven’t diffused anything.

As for solid air fresheners, they create odors as the gel or wax inside the slowly dissolves. Those odors may dissipate to some extent, but they are generally limited only to the surrounding area. Like aerosols, the smell from a single solid air freshener is not likely to permeate your whole home. Liquid plug-ins aren’t that much better.

Zephyr is Different

What makes the Zephyr Fresh different is the fact that it diffuses essential oils throughout your entire home. Every room gets a lovely scent every time your heating or air conditioning runs. The Zephyr device truly diffuses scent throughout your home by allowing essential oils to hitch a ride on circulating air.

In essence, the Zephyr HVAC duct diffuser is a whole home scent machine capable of delivering a consistent and lovely scent throughout every room in your home. What’s more, it works year-round. Whether you’re running your heater or air conditioner, the same ducts that carry warm or cool air through your home also carry the essential oils from your Zephyr Fresh machine.

It Really Makes a Difference

You may think that there’s no real difference between a diffuser and a standard air freshener. Again, we get that. But we invite you to put Zephyr Fresh to the test. Freshening the air in your home with an HVAC duct diffuser really does make a difference. You’ll notice it from the very first day you have the Zephyr Fresh device up and running.

With Zephyr Fresh, you will never again experience overpowering scent in one room and next to nothing in another. You won’t be constantly running out to buy new spray cans or solid air fresheners. Best of all, you’ll have the freedom of changing up the scent at will. The Zephyr Fresh system works with virtually any essential oil – whether you purchase ours or make your own.

And now you know. Zephyr Fresh is not an air freshener, it is a whole home scent diffuser.


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