At Zephyr we always tell our customers they can use their own essential oils with our whole-home aroma diffusion system. But we also want you to know that we carry a complete line of custom scents that we are proud to put our name on. You can order them from our site one at a time or, if you prefer, sign up for our subscription service.

With our subscription service, you get new oils delivered right to your door every single month for just $19.99. You can cancel for free any time, there’s zero commitment or added fees.  Shipping is always free.  But the subscription service is more than just convenient. It adds the ‘magic’ to the Zephyr Fresh system. Subscription service takes the whole-home essential oil diffusion concept to an entirely new level.

Try a New Scent Every Month

It’s fun to experience a fresh new smell every time you come home, and pretty soon you will start checking the mail with anticipation, hoping for your monthly freshness fix! We make every essential oil delivery new for that very purpose. Subscribers get a different essential oil every month, and our monthly oils will change with the seasons, so we’ll give you a rich pine scent in December and a light flowery scent in April.

And just to make things even better, we take back any oils you don’t like. If you receive any scent you are not pleased with, simply return it and we will replace it absolutely free of charge. (Again, we even cover the shipping!)

After trying a few and you find one you love—no problem, let us know and we’ll send you the same one every time! It’s up to you whether you want an exciting new smell every month, or a consistent favorite to brand your house as the one that always smells like Clean Birch.

All Zephyr Blends Are Priced the Same

Have you ever checked out the rack of tiny Essential Oils bottles at your grocery store? Some of them are under $10 and some of them are over $50! Why are they so different? How do you choose? At Zehyr we’ve taken out all the guess work. Our scent wizards have sourced the highest quality oils and created the best blends that balance everything out. Our blends smell amazing without the sticker shock.  We still use some of that expensive stuff, but we’ve learned how to use it in harmony with other oils so we can  provide the perfect balance.

With the Zephyr subscription you get 150 mL—enough to last about a month in your Zephyr Home Diffuser—for just $19.99 per month when you subscribe! Every bottle is just $24 without the subscription.

Essential Oils Whenever You Need Them

A system like ours is a lot more user-friendly when users do not have to worry about shopping for essential oils. Again, that’s part of the magic of our subscription service. When you subscribe, there is no more remembering to order essential oils before you run out. There is no more keeping track of how much you have left of each kind. When you get the new one in the mail, plug it in to your Zephyr, and that’s it!

The Zephyr Fresh whole-home aromatherapy diffuser is the new, smart way to freshen the air in your home using essential oils and your HVAC system. Our technology is elegantly simple yet highly effective. It is made better by a subscription service that guarantees your whole home will smell amazing, naturally!