If you ever want to know what your house really smells like, just go on vacation for two weeks. By the time you return you will notice what everyone else notices when they enter your home – whether it smells good or bad.

It is with this in mind that we recommend whole-home scenting, even for those times when you are not home. The idea here is to fill your home with enjoyable scents every day of the year. Doing so means you will never return to a funky-smelling home, regardless of how long you have been away.

When you come home from a trip to a house that smells funky, you’ve got bigger problems! The smell is bad enough, but to realize that other people smell the same thing when they come to visit can be mortifying. The best solution to such a problem is to find out what’s causing the funky smell, address it, and then adopt a whole-home scenting strategy using a home aroma diffusion system like Zephyr Fresh.

Bringing Your Vacation Home

There is lots to love about Zephyr Fresh above and beyond just daily air freshening. For example, our home scenting system will work with virtually any essential oil. You know what that means: you have lots of different choices. You can use the oils that come with our subscription service, your own oils, or any combination of both.

Now, let us apply this to the idea of going on vacation. Let’s say you have a particular vacation destination in mind, a destination with unique smells you absolutely love. Do a little digging around and see if you can find essential oils that offer those same smells. If you’re lucky, you’ll find one or two. Just load up your diffuser before you leave home. You will return to a house smells like that vacation destination you just came from.

Whole-house scent diffusing invites you to bring your vacation home with you, too. You might not find the right essential oils before you leave on vacation, but there is always the chance you’ll find some while you are away. Buy a few and bring them home. You will be able to enjoy your vacation long after it’s over.

Zephyr Fresh for Snowbirds

Speaking of being away from home for a long time, this is the time of year when snowbirds from the North start making preparations to head south for the winter. Are you one of them? If so, your northern house is likely to be vacant for up to six months while you bask in the southern sun. What will it smell like when you return?

Houses that remain unoccupied for extended amounts of time tend to smell musty. Yours doesn’t have to. Once again, Zephyr Fresh can take care of business while you’re away. Fill the device tank with your favorite essential oil and program it to run several times per day. You will return home in the spring to a wonderfully scented home that doesn’t betray the fact that you’ve been gone for months.

Whole-home scenting is as important when you are away as it is when you’re home. The beauty of the Zephyr Fresh system is that it can work for you even when you’re away. You never have to return to a funky smelling home again.