We are thrilled to be able to offer our customers the whole-home diffuser that is easy enough to install with basic DIY skills. That’s right, you don’t need to hire a professional HVAC technician to get up and running with Zephyr Fresh. You can install the diffuser yourself.

We have made our diffuser as easy-to-use as possible. We include most of what you need in your Zephyr Fresh kit including the diffuser, a drill bit, an appropriately sized grommet, and hose. The diffuser itself has an adhesive strip on the back for easy installation without additional screws. Of course, you can screw the diffuser in place if you like.

We have put together a few helpful tips for making installation as easy as possible. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are unsure about anything. We are here to help you every step of the way.

Understand Your HVAC System

Our first tip is the most important: know your HVAC system before you get started. Note that Zephyr Fresh is intended to be used with forced air systems. If your home utilizes radiators or radiant floor heating, our diffuser is not going to work for you.

As for forced air systems, a typical home in the North has either an oil or gas furnace. Northern homes may or may not have AC. If you live in the South, you likely have an AC system without a traditional forced air furnace for heating. Your heat probably comes from a heat pump or an electric heater.

At any rate, you have to know the basics of how your HVAC system works in order to know where to install the Zephyr Fresh diffuser. You can always send us a picture of your system if you are unsure. We will mark it up with directions and send it back to you.

Attach to the Outflow Duct

Zephyr Fresh works best when the device is attached to the HVAC system’s outflow duct. Finding this duct is fairly simple. Just approach your HVAC unit wherever the filter is located. The general area in which the filter is found is considered the inflow; this is where fresh air enters the system. Somewhere on the other side of the unit will be a large duct through which air travels to various rooms. This is the outflow duct.

Do not confuse the outflow duct with the exhaust duct. The exhaust duct is a cylindrical duct that runs up and away from the unit and it vents dangerous exhaust outside. DO NOT attach the Zephyr Fresh diffuser to this duct.

Use with Outdoor AC

Your air conditioner compressor may be located outside, but there’s still going to be an air handler on the interior of your home.  There’s a fan inside your house that blows the cool air into the vents.  Even if you have an AC outside, you should install your Zephyr at the location of the fan inside the home.

Again, do not ever hesitate to ask us for help. If you are unsure where to install Zephyr Fresh, just take a picture of your HVAC unit and send it our way. We will tell you exactly what to do to ensure safe installation and effective whole-home scenting.