Deep Lavender

Our Favorite

This one’s our favorite.  Clean but still fun.  Every day is a spa day when you have Deep Lavender in your Zephyr.

The 100 mL refill cartridge should last about one month.

Made from all natural plant-based products.

Fractionated coconut oil with these therapeutic-grade, pure essential oils:

  • Lavender
  • Patchouli
  • Frankincense


4 reviews for Deep Lavender

  1. Vicki

    Deep lavender makes me happy. I have this fragrance in my Zephyr car freshener and realized that whenever I get in my car and smell Deep Lavender it immediately makes me happy. Need a mood lift? I’m telling you this will do it!

  2. Dan

    We get many compliments on deep lavender when people come into our home. My wife loves changing up the oil fragrance according to the season; deep lavender is her all time favorite scent for the spring.

  3. Mark H

    I LOVE this scent! The lavender comes through, but is not overpowering and makes me feel like I am outdoors which is especially nice during the winter months.

  4. Jen

    When I first smelled this out of the bottle I really didn’t like it at all, but once we ran it through the Zephyr and it filled the house I REALLY love it! This is the only one I use in my home.

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