The 5 Best Aiports in The US

Indianapolis International Airport (IND), Indianappolis Indiana

Indianapolis International Airport has been ranked as the best airport in America for a fourth year running. It’s not just because they have delicious food options like Granite City and Shapiro’s Delicatessen, but also an awesome TSA system that lets you breeze through security with no hassle! Based on monthly trends within passenger traffic at IND this year alone three records were broken due to their “west coast Cohostage” approach – so if your travel plans bring you through town or even take off from one of these terminals then make sure visit them first before any others locales.

Portland International Airport (PDX) Portland Oregon

Portland International airport is not only connected to the city by roads, but bike paths and light rail as well. That means you can get around town quickly without having your car on hand for those days when air travel just won’t do! The best part about Portland International Airport? They offer free Wi-Fi so everyone in our traveling party has something fabulous to look forward too before we head out into explore this amazing destination that awaits us outside baggage claim. As airports might seem like typical tourist attractions – one way stopovers where nothing really special happens until after hoursplit over coffee while waiting patiently at security.

Long Beach Airport (LGB), Long Beach California

When you land at Long Beach Airport, it is hard to believe that this place exists just outside of Southern California. Lined with palm trees and an outdoor wine bar (that offers delicious bottleneck!), the airport makes me feel like I’m still in SoCal rather than stuck between flights waiting for my wife who’s already landed before us- Thanks Southwest! The addition of one airline has done wonders: ticket prices decreased by 50%, which led us here today – into paradise…or maybe not?

Tampa International Airport

The new SkyConnect trains at Tampa International Airport will make your trip go smoothly. You’ll be able to get through security with little hassle and explore the airport quickly, easily access all areas of it without worrying about transportation options outside of TPA itself!

Bradly International Airport (BDL), Windsor Locks Connecticut

When you need an airport that’s conveniently located and has plenty of amenities, look no further than Bradley International Airport. This second-largest airport in New England offers guests nonstop flights to destinations all over the world as well delicious food court options with free high speed internet access! Billed locally 12 miles north from Harford County is home base for many travelers who appreciate its convenience on site parking lot; ample charging stations available at your disposal so there’s never any worry about being left powerless during an important business trip or family get together.

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